Delta Grill

24 Jan

I had a long overdue dinner planned with a friend of mine and she suggested we try Delta Grill, which is on 9th Ave at 48th Street.  It’s a New Orleans themed restaurant that can just as easily be a tavern as it can be a sports bar.

Iris got the pork chops, and she was nice enough to give me a bite. These were quite good and the portion was about 4 times of any pork chop I’ve ever cooked.  They DO NOT skimp!


We also split a side of the mac and cheese.  This looked great, but I wanted it to be better.


I was trying to be a little healthy, so I went with the shrimp etouffe.  It was delicious!  The sauce was perfect and the shrimp had great flavor.  Even the rice was perfectly fluffy.  I really enjoyed this.


This was a very enjoyable meal and I will definitely be back.

Total Nom Points: 6.5 out of 10

One Response to “Delta Grill”

  1. LKP January 24, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    Love their etoufee AND their hurricanes! It has been too damn long since I hit up that place!

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