Nommin’ Through the Hamptons: 1770 House

31 May

On our last night in Montauk, we found ourselves surrounded by crazy teenagers who crash landed in Montauk for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  After 3 days of so-so eats, we decided it was time to get the hell outta dodge. (Sorry Montauk… I really wanted to like you more).

We drove west and into East Hampton.  The downtown there has a very nice shopping downtown and some lovely neighborhoods off the main drag.  I pulled up the Open Table app on my phone in search of a reservation in the area at a restaurant with good reviews.  I stumbled on the 1770 House.


We were seated in the downstairs area, which, according to FourSquare tips, is where the “locals” eat.  It had a great intimate feel with some beautiful classic touches.  We also sat facing the back of what must have been a very large oven (see dome below).


For some reason, I found myself totally enamored with the little lantern on our table.


As it turned out, 1770 House was also participating in Restaurant Week, so we took full advantage.

Mike got the fried poached egg with spicy ragu.  I couldn’t have the rago, but I was fascinated to try the egg. It was really, really good.


I got the Crispy Pork Belly with Endive, Honeycrisp Apple, Cilantro & Spiced Yogurt Dressing. It was succulent and charred perfectly.


For our entrees, Mike got the steak with french fries and Maitre D’ butter. It was charred perfectly and the fries were deliciously crisp.


I chose something that I, very sadly, cannot remember.  I remember feeling like my mind was blown, but sadly, I cannot figure out what this was.  I remember the sauce was fantastic.  I think I was swooned into la la land so now I don’t remember what it was. Damn.


For dessert we got a molten chocolate cake that was perfectly sweet and lava-y.


I got the Sticky Date Cake with Toffee Sauce & Panna Gelato. This was heaven. Pure heaven. 


It appears that 1770 House does a number of prix fixe specials throughout the year, so you’re in good hands no matter when you arrive.

We really loved our meal here, from start to finish, and would highly recommend it.  The restaurants in Montauk were very underwhelming, but this place could rival some of the best in Manhattan.

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10

Total Nom Points: 7.5 out of 10

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