7 Feb

On a Friday night during Restaurant Week, we were without a reservation. A quick check of participating RW restaurants in the area with an open reservation led us to Resto, a place we had been meaning to try.  I had been to their sister restaurant, Cannibal, in the past where I enjoyed an incredible pig’s head. 

Their Restaurant Week menu looked good with 3 options in each section.  But due to my allergy, I was left with many fewer choices, so while we were in for the Restaurant Week menu, we wound up ordering entirely off the regular menu.


I was a bit confused as to why we had a Sotheby’s catalog on our table.


But soon found out that they put their drink menus in other books (we saw a children’s book on the table next to us). Cute idea.


The space has a really good vibe, with old-looking metal ceilings and an industrial style.  


Mike started with the deviled eggs which came on pork toast with charred scallion.  I couldn’t try the egg due to peppers in the filling, but I took a few bites of the pork toast and it was really fantastic.  Crunchy outside around soft and flavorful pork.  Mike enjoyed the egg but thought the egg to pork toast ratio was off and he wanted more egg.


I started with the grilled halloumi with pistachio puree, grilled pear, grapes, and watercress. Everything on this dish came together perfectly. The sweetness of the pear and grape, the richness of the grilled halloumi cheese, the salty earthiness of the pistachios, the freshness of the watercress.  Very good.


Mike chose the hamburger, which wasn’t on the menu and he had to request it specially.  When it came out, I couldn’t help but notice that it came on a regular ol’ hamburger bun. The kind of the grocery store.


But it turned out it was a really great, nostalgic taste for this delicious burger. The burger was made with pork back fat and beef cheeks and a few other meats. It has a distinctively meaty and almost gamy flavor.  I really liked it, but there was one big problem… it was a TINY piece of meat.  

The fries were perfectly pillowy outside and crispy inside, so it’s not like Mike walked away hungry. But I think he was a bit disappointed that the burger wasn’t heftier.


I chose the striped bass with roasted cauliflower, beluga lentils, and cauliflower cream. This dish was perfect. The fish was cooked perfectly and with a slight sweetness that made the meat really flavorful. The roasted cauliflower and cauliflower puree went very well with it, and I really enjoyed the flavorful beluga lentils.  


We also got a side of brussels sprouts, which had a lovely crisp to them.


Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Resto. I think my 2 dishes were better than Mike’s 2 dishes, but everything was very good.  It was a hearty meal in a hearty space, with everything cooked very well.  I would just stick to the recommended items on the menu, and maybe skip the burger.

Overall Nom Points: 7 out of 10

nomscale- 07.0

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