What is a Nom Nom?
This is the number one NYCNomNom question.  Any repetition of the word “nom” is an onomonopia for the sound of someone chewing or eating something.  Urban Dictionary defines that it is a sound usually made when food is enjoyed.  My first encounter with “nom nom” was while reading lolcats.  They have a LOLspeak dictionary that defines a nom as “to eat fuds.”  I’m glad we could clear that up.

What are Nom Points?
Nom points are a purely subjective ranking system where I rate the food on the taste of the food ONLY.  Sometimes I may take away some nom points for poor service (such as when waiters try to commit murder), but for the most part this takes into consideration the quality of the food for the environment it’s in.  I don’t expect a diner to be as good as a 5 star restaurant, however, I do compare it to the other diners I have been to.  If you don’t agree with a rating, feel free to comment and speak up!

Who is NYC Nom Nom?
My name is Sara and I have been working/living in New York City for over six years now.  I work in the rewarding field of Digital Media where I am treated to meals and get to treat people to meals at some of the finest restaurants in NYC quite often.  It’s a wonderful perk and I am very appreciative of the people that make it happen.

As for my love for cooking, it was really more of a late blooming love.  I have always baked, and thought for many years that I just did not have a talent for cooking.  Turns out, I just didn’t have the guts.  Cooking requires a lot of hope, and more often than not, what I make turns out well! It just took jumping in (and some encouragement from my wonderful boyfriend Mike) to figure that out.

Why this blog?
I found myself trading restaurant war stories and recipes quite often, and decided to start chronicling it just for fun.  It has very quickly established itself as something I enjoy writing about and sharing with anyone who wants to read.

What makes me an expert?
Nothing. I’m not.  I’m just an average New Yorker who loves food and loves conversation about food.

How can readers contribute?
#1- Comment!
#2- Link to me (and let me know!)
#3- Send me an email at sara@nycnomnom.com

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