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Crustlesss Ham and Egg Tarts

26 Feb

I had seen this recipe a while back and was going to make it for the last family brunch, however, my sister doesn’t like ham, so I filed it away.  When I decided to have a brunch for six but knew I’d have very limited prep and cooking time, I pulled this one back out.  It has to be one of the easiest and most impressive looking brunch recipes I’ve ever seen!

You get sliced ham from the deli (go for the better stuff since it’s a big part of the dish) and lay it into greased muffin cups.  My ham was a bit thin, so I doubled up slices to prevent breakage.

Then you crack an egg in each and place a tomato in each cup.

Sprinkle with cheese.

And bake!  Voila!

It not only looked great, but it tasted great!  It looks so fancy, so it’s perfect for brunch, but it’s so quick and easy that it could definitely be an anytime breakfast!

You can find the full recipe at this link.  I went without the chives, and they tasted just fine. 🙂